"Journeys into the land of fantasy are a search of treasures which I would like to share. Mind is a characteristic factory of dreams opened for the time of creation. Making up monumental compositions is an attempt to exist in the world of imagination, away from the daily life.

The choice I have made in my life seems appropriate to me – painting comes easy to me, but it is difficult for me to part with a painting.

Artistic journeys which I have made in my life have been caused by my passion for painting. Apart from the fact that I paint I am also interested in art in a broad sense. These interests have led me to the track of my own style which I am slowly becoming a slave of ...

Creating my recent works I have had so much time as to become accustomed to the thought that these paintings will be lost for the time of exhibitions and, ultimately, they will become parts of different collections.

But such is a painting’s lot, to travel and change its owners."




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